Here it is! I have drafted a timeline of some of the major steps I need to take to get going on this business. I am sure this will grow and change as I learn more and progress through the steps. I believe it is a reasonable timeline. But deep down I am hoping that it will be faster because I am just so excited and eager.  The only problem with faster is that we booked a 12 day trip to Vietnam in April.  Don’t want to open the doors and then close for 2 weeks. 

  • Start a blog to show the progress of our dream
    DONE – 7/19/16
  • Meet with at least 2 other bottle shop owners to pick their brains
    July 2016
  • Finish business plan draft
    August 2016
  • Meet with the Small Business Development Center at OCC to review business plan and funding options:
    August 2016
  • Meet with lawyer to go over legal limitations and licenses
    August 2016 (initial meeting)
  • Finalize business plan
  • Make a list of the top 3 town locations
    September 2016
  • Create business logo
    September 2016
  • Create business cards and have them ready for events
    September 2016
  • Meet with a funding source about small business loan
    October 2016 (initial meeting)
  • Search for property / wiggle room for legal and financial situations.
    October – April
  • Attend America On Tap Beer Fest to hand out cards
    November 2016
  • Attend CNY Brewfest to hand out cards and market
    February 2017
  • Begin contacting vendors
    February 2017
  • Start bulking up Media presence
    March 2017
  • Start obtaining inventory
    March 2017
  • Purchase or sign lease for property
    April 2017
    Open Doors
                MAY 2017

Keep me honest folks! 🙂



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