Small Business Development Center

So I have met with one business owner and contacted a couple others. Next on the list: finish the business plan draft and meet with the Small Business Development Center of Onondaga Community College.

I took a class with them a while back when I was dreaming about opening a wedding venue. I found the class a little helpful, but mostly it opened my eyes to what the center can offer.  I walked away with a business plan template and contact information for later use.  Now, months later and with a slightly different idea, I have set up an appointment. I’m heading in there this morning and here are some things I hope to get out of the meeting:

  • Get the process of obtaining the proper licenses started. This may just mean they provide me with some contact information of lawyers that specialize in this.
  • Provide a starting point for funding options
  • Connect me with a realtor that can help me find the perfect spot.
  • Help revise the business plan

I’ll let you all know how it goes!



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