Thursday Survey 7/28/16

Alright, I would like to pole the crowd.

We have a pretty good idea of what towns we want to look in, but for those of you familiar with Syracuse; where do you think would be a good location for our bottle shop? 

Below is a picture of the Syracuse area. The black dots are all breweries. The one gold dot in Geddes is Now and Later (An existing bottle shop and tap room combo). I know they may be hard to see but perhaps you can zoom in??

Syracuse Breweries

Below is a picture of central NY region. Same key applies. You’ll see that Rochester has a handful already. It is going to be great to tap into that market here!

Central NY Breweries

Since the finger lakes beer trail is becoming more and more populated it would be in my best interests to at least focus on the west side of Syracuse. But that is just my thought so far.

Let me know what you think.



15 thoughts on “Thursday Survey 7/28/16

  1. I think Auburn or the city of Syracuse would be good. Auburn is closer to the Finger Lakes region and of all the people I know in Auburn and the surrounding area LOOOOVE their beer & they alone would keep you in business. You’ll have the city of Auburn population, but also the surrounding rural towns (Weedsport, Port Byron, Cato, etc.) & the country folk who would be regular customers. The city of Syracuse is obviously a much larger population than Auburn with a wider variety of customers.


    • Are College kids going to be the ones willing to spend that kind of money on different beer? Or are they going to want cheep beer? I am not sure college kids are our biggest market in the area. I feel like most people who drink craft beer are a little older.
      But I could be wrong. SU and LeMoyne students tend to have deep pockets…

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      • The last sentence is exactly what I was thinking. Also there is a big trendy culture in that area composed of people of all ages. I think it’d be worth doing some market research or surveys or something to get a feel for it.


  2. Westcott area of Syracuse is my initial thought for several reasons after having lived in that general area:
    – close to SU, LeMoyne, ESF which means close to all those students AND FACULTY. Walking distance for many of those students and the community is one that I think would support Which Craft.
    -close to downtown, which also makes it easy for those who commute into the city to stop by after work or get together with friends there
    -also convenient to many of the suburbs (even a place further out, like Famous/Pompey is only about 20 min) which I think makes it more accessible overall…


    • Yes I agree with all of this. It is also in a place that is easy to get to. I am trying to avoid anywhere that is annoying to get to. Like Marshall Street up by SU. That is initially what I thought you guys were talking about. But Westcott is way easier.

      What do we think of the safety in that area? I know it is close to wear I take dance classes and to get from work to there I get a little nervous. There are some scetchy places around there right? No?


      • I guess there are some sketchy places in the general vacinity, but I think that as in most cities a mile in one direction or another can make a big difference. I walked there from our house on Crawford (the section of Westcott by Broad/Euclid/and even down E. Genesee) and never felt uncomfortable to do so with the boys. I like going to Recess coffee (and the bakery across the street from it, and the juice place on Dell!) and same thing…take the boys with me when I go. But I would definitely agree that sometimes the route that a gps might tell me to take might not be the route I would choose. When we were visiting Emmit’s school last year following the GPS, I noticed a huge difference (things looked better maintained, etc) as soon as I crossed over Genesee heading into the Westcott area.

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  3. My vote depends on the type of feel you’re going for. If you want that “small town Main Street everyone knows your name, stop by on your evening stroll place” then I think a smaller community. If you’re going for being a destination in itself, I think you need to have good access and be close to the major routes. Check with towns if they will offer you grants or incentives. 🙂

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  4. My thoughts are 2 fold. Economy and Convenience. Both have pros and cons. Lets look at Economy first: I think you will want to be somewhere that “appears” to have more free cash flow. So Marcellus, Bville, Skaneateles, Camillus, FM, etc. Down-side, usually higher taxes. Now lets talk Convenience, once you find your honey pot town, I think you want to be in a strip mall type setting with lots of parking (shared which = less direct cost to you), and easy accessability. Too close to a hot spot will cost more but I think that is a premium worth paying today. I.E. if i have to go (too far) out of my way, I’ll just settle with the half way decent selection at wegmans. But if its on my way, easy to get in and out, then I’ll stop in for sure!


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