Property Search Postponed

I just spoke to Mark, my realtor, and it looks like the developer of Township 5 is not in town this week. Going to have to wait until next week.

I would really like to get some estimates on rent expense for my income statement and cash flow. Right now they look pretty tight with the high estimation I am expecting.

Not much more to update today



Get Funded

I contacted Mike at SBDC yesterday to start the financing process.  We went over the projected financial statements together. He had some questions and some suggestions. And now he is going to reach out to a few banks to see if they are interested and also check out some non-bank funding options.  He said the banks will ask you for all sorts of information just to give you a “slow no” and waste your time (he used to work in that industry).  So he is going to pitch the shop and see what they think before we go through all the effort.

One more step in the right direction.

If only I could get in to see these buildings… that is what’s holding me up now.


Day Dreaming About Layouts

So I got some good ol’ graph paper out this past week and sketched up what a 50 foot by 20 foot shop would look like.   I am keeping the taps right next to the cooler so I don’t have to spend as much money on tap lines.  And more/longer tap lines means more things to go wrong.  So if I am dreaming, I might as well dream it with the least issues 😛

Store Layout

The circles are going to be those wooden reels that usually have cable wires on them.  I found some I really like and got a decent price on them but I have no way to pick them up and no where to store them. They would take my spot in the garage for the winter and that would suck.  they are just over 3 feet wide so maybe I should see if I could put them where my vegetable garden is now during the winter. Then I would only have to worry about getting them to our house and to the store when we are ready. Any volunteers with a huge truck??


Oh, and I am going to try to find some tree branches to stick down the middle (sort of like an umbrella on a picnic table).  Then I can put growlers all around the bottom part and either beer on top, or leave them blank on top so people will have a place to set down the beer they are drinking while really getting into the beer they are picking out.  They could also serve as a place to collect the beer you plan to buy. I always appreciate a place to start a pile while I am looking.

So, let me know if you have a truck and I will let this craigslist guy know I am coming for the reels 🙂


Thursday Survey 8/25/16

Too early for pumpkin beer?

I saw some pumpkin beer on the shelves a few weeks ago.  It seems like it is earlier and earlier each year.  Is this going to be like Christmas decorations and music at department stores? Pretty soon they will start to add it to the shelves for July 4th 😛

P.S. If you see any really neat ones, grab them for me?


Township 5

Spoke to Mark the realtor today. Apparently the Township 5 developer is from Jersey. He comes up on Wednesdays. Mark is going to set up a Wednesday for us all to meet and talk details.

The space they have available for me would be 100 ft by 20 ft and right next to an upscale liquor store (whatever that means).

They have just broke ground on the building so it seems like good timing. I will have a little time to get financing.


Camillus Locations

As many of you know, we went camping and hiking this weekend in the ADK. About an hour before I know we will be without signal for 4 days I get an e-mail from Mark, our realtor.

He listed out about 5 options for places in Camillus. Right away I saw that there was an opening in the Azteca plaza.  I was over the moon. Since this whole thing started I have pictured us there. When I think of our business that is what I visualize so you can just imagine my excitement!

Then I kept reading….. and this is what I see:

“Township 5 – So these guys really want you there AND they can probably get you a liquor license without the grocery component or without the need to sell food.”


Next e-mail “Township 5 has a new building being built with an upscale wine and liquor store and they will have about 1800-2000 square feet available there. They would love to have you”


Ok, time for the poker face… How badly do they want us there? 😛


Another Lawyer

At this point you would think I was trying to start a law office with the amount of lawyers I have talked to.

It doesn’t feel like Jim from Rochester is treating me like the customer. I do not feel like a priority whatsoever. So I sent an e-mail to Bob Romano who is from down towards Poughkeepsie. He was recommended by a bottle shop I contacted through Facebook. I thought I would just send him a message to see how long it would take for him to get back to me and what information he could give me.  Since he was so far away I wasn’t that interested.

He tried to call while I was at the gym. Then sent me an e-mail to give him a call. I called him back and he was in the car on the way to Syracuse for another client. Turns out he has done about 30 liquor licenses in Syracuse included several of the restaurants and bars at Destiny USA. (I digress).

He was super informative and super “nosy” as he called it.  He asked a lot of questions about my plans, my progress, my background, my finance plans, my motivation and even my age. I don’t mind sharing. I think the more information he has to work with the harder he can work/fight the state for the right license.

He recommends a “Tavern-Wine” license and after the conversations Joel and I had on our trip to Utica, I think I am on board.

We would be able to:

  • Sell bottles to go
  • Sell growlers to go
  • Sell kegs to go
  • Sell pints to consume on premise
  • Pick a location that does not take your proximity of schools and churches into consideration

The extra requirement (compared to a C license)

  • We have to have some sort of food available for purchase. Popcorn and Pretzels in a bowl do not count but he specifically said we could have a shelf in the back with canned ravioli and a microwave. We just have to put something on a “menu” in case one is requested. THIS IS WHAT WE HEARD OF!

Time to get thinking on what food we could sell that would not detract from the beer focus.


Utica Trip

Joel and I took a trip to Utica this week to check out two bottle shops that I found on Facebook. One, Marcy Discount Beverages, I would highly recommend. The other, Hop & Goblet, left me wanting.  Both interactions were quite pessimistic but still nice to see what is out there.

Marcy was HUGE and busy. They must have just gotten a shipment or something but there were people zipping through the whole store with kegs and cases in every direction. One of the owners was nice enough to meet with us and discuss the business some.  They have a C license and he said that if I can afford one, I am better off leaving that money in the bank. Then he went on to say how much work it is and how crazy it can get and I really need to focus on the big guys to make money… So it was an interesting meeting and we got some real fun beer! The prices were great too!

We learned quite a bit from Hop & Goblet.  First thing we learned was that signage is worth the price! Pay for a big legible sign! We had the hardest time finding the place. Partially because they had moved recently and partially because the sign from the direction we were coming from was really small. They had a grocery store beer license and half of their floor space was devoted to groceries. It definitely detracted from the beer but that was also because they were renovating. They are changing their license to be more like a pub with a little bit of beer to go on the side. They were also waiting on a shipment of beer so the shelves were a little bare.

After the shops we went down to Slice and ordered a Stinky Pig Pizza and Purple Cow grilled wings.  Took them over to the Green Onion bar and had a nice pint with diner. All in the trip was worth it. More learning and more beer 🙂