Fiverr for the Win

Sorry for the quiet weekend everyone. I have been planning a bachelorette party for a dear friend over the last couple months and it was this past weekend.

Now, I am ready to dive back into the business!! 😀

Have you heard of It is a site that started out with EVERYTHING for sale for $5. People could post the most random things for sale and you could buy just about anything.  When we got engaged I actually paid $5 for someone to turn a picture of me and Joel into zombies. Best $5 I had spent in a while.



So last week I wanted to see what the graphic design postings were all about. I paid $5 for someone to draft up 2 logo options. Little did I know, they were going to send me just a picture of my logos from an angle and with a water print over them.


If I actually want a logo that is square on and without watermarks I have to pay more. Should have known better. 😛 I do think it is pretty cool that I can tell them what I want, get a picture of it and then, if I like it, I can purchase it. Much better then spending the extra money on the logo and not liking it.

Even though I did get a little dooped, I am SO energized by seeing our name as a logo!!

Which Craft Logo Take1

I am pretty sure I get one edit so I have some revisions to give them. Can’t wait to see what they come back with!!



2 thoughts on “Fiverr for the Win

  1. I have used Fiverr and even tenerr (can you guess what the lowest job costs?) and had good success. you have to go into knowing you’re going to spend 25 for what you really want.


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