Research Results – Time to Lawyer Up

I finally got to open my PDF!!!

I am crushed. I have been so excited and waiting with high hopes for what this research team could come up with that I couldn’t.  I get home, spend WAY too long trying to get the specific Adobe that I need, and then finally get it open.

Each document is either exact liquor laws out of the state documents that I have already found but need help interpreting or websites that I have already found. NOTHING in the PDF was new or useful to me. 😦 I waited a week for the stuff I already had.

I went straight to bed after that. It sucks. I am real bummed. But you know what… I am not defeated. OK, so the SBDC can’t help me with the licensing decisions. That doesn’t mean they are not useful, just means I have to find a different way to go about this task. I still firmly believe that this has to happen before anything else.  I need to make sure I can do what I want to do before I invest a bunch of money into it. (Side note: I probably do need to have a “Doing Business As” [DBA] filed before I can actually file for a license but I need some answers).

OK, regroup. Time to call a lawyer! There are some really  sketchy looking ones online that specialize in NY liquor licenses but I am not really into scetchy. We have the one we used for our refinancing in downtown Syracuse but I am not sure if that is in their wheelhouse. The SBDC did give me a list of lawyers that they will vouch for as far as being trustworthy. I think I will start there. Mike from SBDC said they will give me my first hour free because of the partnership with the SBDC.  Maybe I will just make my way down the list and get an hour free from all of them before I decide on one 😛

Alright, not the best results but IT WILL NOT STOP ME!



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