Financial Statements – Where to Start?

As you know, I am an accountant and the idea of drafting projected financial statements is kind of exciting for me. I know, I know, what a nerd.  But when it comes down to it…. where do I start? I am used to compiling financial statements off of actual data; actual income and expenses, actual assets and loans. Now I have to estimate and predict all of that! Yikes! This is going to be tough.

Guess it means more research 😛

Let’s see how much tap lines cost, and walk in refrigerators.  Let’s see what the expected useful life of those fridges are. Let’s look at shelving options and DIY.  What about the average commercial rental cost per square foot in the areas of interest. How do I even predict how much inventory I will move per year, month, week or day… Oh man! The questions!

Let me know if you have resources I haven’t thought of 🙂



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