Communications with the SLA

After contacting my lawyer today to give him a little more information on what I want to discuss tomorrow I saw that there was a contact listed on the New York State Liquor Authority’s website for questions. 

I sent them a message asking specifics of the licenses and this is what I got: 

“The license for your business model is the C license.  If you do not want to purchase one of those from a willing seller you must change your business model.

Your choices are:

Grocery store – 50% of your retail space must be devoted to the sale of food- boxed, canned, dairy, produce etc.  Candy, soda and snacks (chips) are not considered food.  A grocery store can sell beer to go and do growlers also.

Eating Place Beer – Allow consumption of beer on the premises, while serving food.  Substantial food choices – sandwiches (hot or cold) soups, salads.  You can do microwavable items like pizza, hot dogs, hot pockets.   You can also sell beer to go and do growlers also.

Selling beer should not be the prime source of income.  The prime source of income should come from the sale of food. 


I almost feel like he was pointing out that the food served in an “eating place beer” did not have to be quality food. Now the question is: how do they regulate if it is the “prime source of income” or do they regulate that? I mean, you can try to sell whatever products you want but if people aren’t interested in buying them you don’t always have a choice. I doubt they are going to analyze my monthly income statement right? 

This may be what I have to do. I may be selling some sort of food… Cheese anyone? 😛 


After Thought: I just reread this and got SO excited that if I can make the “eating place beer” work that means people can walk around drinking a beer while they are looking for beer to take home!!! I LOVED doing that down south!


4 thoughts on “Communications with the SLA

  1. Tricky tricky… It seems ridiculous that your primary source of income can’t be alcohol. I wonder what the reasoning behind that is. I can’t remember.. How did the guy out in Rochester get around this??


  2. hahahah you hit the nail on the head, there is no way to enforce the “prime source” of income. Notice it was income too not profit. So you could buy 100 hot dogs for .20 each and sell them for .20.

    And as far as enforcing, if they were to enforce this, they would have to retract, issue, and retract licenses over and over and over. I bet this is what places like empire (well maybe not empire but sure other bars that fill growlers) have and you don’t see them shutting down the bar towards the end of the month because their bar profits exceeded their food sales… Also, is it primary for the day, month, year, 10 years? “Oh i should finish 2025 strong on hot dog sales” lol

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