Thursday Survey 8/11/16

Logo Update!

These are not final, but which one grabs your eye more? Which one portrays the business more? Which one embodies me and my goals more? Which one would look better on a coaster / glass / growler…?

(Please keep in mind that I have cut and pasted and rotated and cut again from the document that was sent to me on Fiverr so they may look a little slated or askew.)

Gray Logo 2

1. Black and gray

Gray Logo 1

2. Which Craft separated slightly

green logo

3. With a little color pop

In case you want some more details on what a logo should be and accomplish, I found the below site helpful. It gives me a way to test the quality of the logo and then some pointers on what to shoot for.

4 essential rules of effective logo design

Can’t wait to hear what you think!



10 thoughts on “Thursday Survey 8/11/16

  1. Joel! Exactly what you said!!! I keep going back and forth between 2 and 3 (which surprised me… Would’ve thought just 3), but also found myself thinking 3 is more you.


  2. Also, If you don’t use the “spooky” tree you lose some of the reason for having a tree in your logo. When I look at 3 I think why is ther a tree in this logo? When I look at 1 and 2 I think oh great play on words!

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