Rand Allgaier

Isn’t that a fun name? It seems like it should be Randall Gaier right? That was the name of the lawyer I met with yesterday. And to make it even more fun, his middle initial is D! Tehe.

Anyway, I had a GREAT meeting with him.  Before the meeting I had sent him an e-mail describing what the business is and the struggles I have had interpreting the different liquor license options. When I walk in he has my e-mail printed off and he gives it back to me with a contact of his from Rochester that specializes in liquor law. Rand said that when he was explaining my business to his friend, he was excited and it was his favorite sort of case to work with.  It is nice to see that we can all be a little nerdy in our fields 🙂

So Rand hands me this piece of paper and refers me to another guy. I thought “gee that is nice of him to admit that this case is not in his wheel house and to recommend someone he knows that is good at this sort of thing” and then I thought “why didn’t he just e-mail me back to tell me this? Why did I come all the way in for just a referral and to walk back out?” Turns out that is not what he had in mind. He spent the next 40 minutes discussing the process of filing for an LLC and the veil that is created with an LLC to protect the business owners.  He explained that there are ways the veil can be pierced and I can legally be held accountable (a lot of this was a refresher from my business law classes but it was very good to be reminded of them). I didn’t know that part of an LLC would be to create an operating agreement. I was planning on that anyway since Joel and I will both be business owners. But the agreement says what will happen to either of our pieces of the business in case of death, bankruptcy or divorce. Sounds like there is a LOT of technical jargon involved with the LLC filing and the operating agreement. I can do it myself online and hope I get it all right or think of everything or I can pay him to do everything (even down to publishing the business formation in 2 newspapers) for about $1,500!!! SHEESH Lawyers are pricey!

After the lengthy lesson on LLCs we moved on to my timeline.  I have some revising to do. I wanted to make sure I can get the liquor license before I moved on with any other financial expenditures. Turns out to get my license I need to have my LLC and to have my LLC I need to have a location.  So the next step is finding a place to lease! :-O Making big moves!! So I have contacted the Rochester lawyer, Jim, for licensing details. I hope to get an estimated timeline for that. Then I can work backwards and figure out when I should have a lease signed and when I should file my LLC.

YAY!!! This meeting has energized me so much (even more than I already was).  I feel so much more confident about what I am doing and the steps and stages.

Rand was super nice too. He was coaching me through the process and then at the end he even had a little speech about not charging for the first meeting (even without the SBDC deal) because he thinks it is unfair to charge someone to find out if they are a good match. I said it would be like paying to find out you need a new lawyer. He agreed and said there is no pressure to work with him. He is glad to help but I should feel like it is what I want to do and what is best for me not that I am obligated since I met with him once. It was very refreshing and I hope that everyone I work with in this process is as great as he is!



4 thoughts on “Rand Allgaier

  1. Yippee! A personable lawyer? I hope his contact in Rochester is as personable! I wonder if he changed his name to make it more interesting as a lawyer name … sort of like Isosceles! 🙂

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