Meeting with a Realtor

I used the resource list from SBDC to pick a realtor.  I chose the one out of Liverpool in case I have to go meet them at their office at any time. Gave him a call, left a message and he called back within 5 minutes! Got an appointment for Monday afternoon at 2:30 at Dunkin 🙂 very pleasant first impression on the phone too. Sounds like a go-getter.

I can at least start the search right? Even if I am not ready to sign the lease. Who knows how long it will take to find the perfect spot?!

Rand gave me some pointers for leasing too.  He said I should sell myself to the landlords. They should want me to be in that spot! I will bring business to the area and I will be a steady check for them since I am diving into a rapidly expanding industry. He also suggested that I do a 5 year lease with several options to extend in 5 yr increments. Then I am not stuck for a super long time if the location isn’t working out but if I love it, I have the option to extend the contract (with agreed upon rent).

I also have to put some contingencies in the lease when I sign it since I won’t have all my ducks in a row yet. I need to say that I am not obligated if I can not obtain the license.  And I am not obligated if I can not obtain adequate funding. Those sort of things.

I may see if Rand can take a look at the lease before I sign. We will see how much he charges for that 😛

I’ll let ya’ll know how it goes with my meeting Monday with Mark.



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