More Insight and Ideas

The Rochester lawyer, Jim, called me Saturday to say that he got my e-mail and would love to set up a meeting to talk licenses more in depth.  We had a short conversation but I was in the middle of a bridal shower and he was on the road to something as well.

He told me, like so many have, that a C license is exactly what I want. But he also seemed to understand that may not be in the cards right now (or in the bank account more accurately).  He then went on to say that to fulfill the requirements for the other two are basically sending pictures of your grocery isle or food menu to the State Liquor Authority.  I mentioned the 50% space for grocery and he said one isle is usually enough to keep them happy. And he said the food requirement could vary greatly.

My thoughts. I personally feel like I would be more interested in the eating place beer license so that I could sell some sort of food that I really enjoy. I could do cheese or all the really strange sandwiches that my dad used to make. The possibilities seem much more appealing to me.

A friend did just give me a great idea for the grocery store.  I wonder if beer equipment and paraphernalia would be considered groceries? I could have an isle that is half home brew equipment and glasses and coozies and other items that have to do with beer. If that would fulfill the requirement I would be OK with that because then it wouldn’t be detracting too much from the main purpose. But if it has to be canned goods and toiletries and the likes, I am not interested.

Should be interesting to see what he comes up with.




2 thoughts on “More Insight and Ideas

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