Let the Search Begin!

Met with Mark the realtor yesterday! Let the search begin! I am super excited!

It was an interesting meeting. I sort of felt like he was quizzing me. Trying to figure out how serious I am about finding a place and what type of research I have already done. I don’t blame him. I am sure he has had people with a dream of opening a business but they have not put the work in and are not ready.  I AM! 😀

After passing his test we talked about location and needs. He and I were on the same page with location and that it needs to be a good area of Syracuse but also a good spot. Beer is an extra, it is not a necessity so if people have a hard time getting in and out of the store they won’t come. Access needs to be easy, parking needs to be easy, getting back out and on your way needs to be easy.  Off the top of his head he suggested the old Sunoco on Terry & Genesee in Fairmount.   I wouldn’t have to bring coolers in with that building since they would already be installed. And a gas station is about the size of space we need. I like where his head is at but that location is RIGHT next to the Fairmount Wegmans and that would be some stiff competition.

He is sending me a list tomorrow. CAN’T WAIT



2 thoughts on “Let the Search Begin!

  1. My vote is for something in the Suburbs (Liverpool/clay/north syr) area. I frequently wish we had some better drinking options out in the burbs, everything good is such a schlep. We were just saying the other day at kickball of Clarks was in reasonable driving distance we would have gone much more and it wouldn’t be closing. In camillus/fairmount you might be too close to tipp hill with their bars and brillbecks. They’re not wanting for alcoholic options in that part of town.


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