Thursday Survey 8/18/16

What is your favorite food to have with Beer?

If we end up having food available at the shop, what would you want to eat with a draft?


10 thoughts on “Thursday Survey 8/18/16

  1. I’m going to go broad here and say “shareable plates” like tapas style or things like sliders and stuff people can order and enjoy with company.


  2. Tacos are a good option. But definitely have some kind of popcorn or machine or something. That was a big hit in a bar we once went to (in buffalo maybe?).


  3. Various nuts & cheeses. Maybe like the cheese flights from Owera or Casellula? All you need is a fridge to keep the cheese cold and a good cutting board and cheese knife. For the nuts, can have different kinds of nuts and flavors? You could maybe even make the cheese boards yourself since you’re so crafty like that 😛

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