Utica Trip

Joel and I took a trip to Utica this week to check out two bottle shops that I found on Facebook. One, Marcy Discount Beverages, I would highly recommend. The other, Hop & Goblet, left me wanting.  Both interactions were quite pessimistic but still nice to see what is out there.

Marcy was HUGE and busy. They must have just gotten a shipment or something but there were people zipping through the whole store with kegs and cases in every direction. One of the owners was nice enough to meet with us and discuss the business some.  They have a C license and he said that if I can afford one, I am better off leaving that money in the bank. Then he went on to say how much work it is and how crazy it can get and I really need to focus on the big guys to make money… So it was an interesting meeting and we got some real fun beer! The prices were great too!

We learned quite a bit from Hop & Goblet.  First thing we learned was that signage is worth the price! Pay for a big legible sign! We had the hardest time finding the place. Partially because they had moved recently and partially because the sign from the direction we were coming from was really small. They had a grocery store beer license and half of their floor space was devoted to groceries. It definitely detracted from the beer but that was also because they were renovating. They are changing their license to be more like a pub with a little bit of beer to go on the side. They were also waiting on a shipment of beer so the shelves were a little bare.

After the shops we went down to Slice and ordered a Stinky Pig Pizza and Purple Cow grilled wings.  Took them over to the Green Onion bar and had a nice pint with diner. All in the trip was worth it. More learning and more beer 🙂



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