Another Lawyer

At this point you would think I was trying to start a law office with the amount of lawyers I have talked to.

It doesn’t feel like Jim from Rochester is treating me like the customer. I do not feel like a priority whatsoever. So I sent an e-mail to Bob Romano who is from down towards Poughkeepsie. He was recommended by a bottle shop I contacted through Facebook. I thought I would just send him a message to see how long it would take for him to get back to me and what information he could give me.  Since he was so far away I wasn’t that interested.

He tried to call while I was at the gym. Then sent me an e-mail to give him a call. I called him back and he was in the car on the way to Syracuse for another client. Turns out he has done about 30 liquor licenses in Syracuse included several of the restaurants and bars at Destiny USA. (I digress).

He was super informative and super “nosy” as he called it.  He asked a lot of questions about my plans, my progress, my background, my finance plans, my motivation and even my age. I don’t mind sharing. I think the more information he has to work with the harder he can work/fight the state for the right license.

He recommends a “Tavern-Wine” license and after the conversations Joel and I had on our trip to Utica, I think I am on board.

We would be able to:

  • Sell bottles to go
  • Sell growlers to go
  • Sell kegs to go
  • Sell pints to consume on premise
  • Pick a location that does not take your proximity of schools and churches into consideration

The extra requirement (compared to a C license)

  • We have to have some sort of food available for purchase. Popcorn and Pretzels in a bowl do not count but he specifically said we could have a shelf in the back with canned ravioli and a microwave. We just have to put something on a “menu” in case one is requested. THIS IS WHAT WE HEARD OF!

Time to get thinking on what food we could sell that would not detract from the beer focus.



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