Thursday Survey 8/25/16

Too early for pumpkin beer?

I saw some pumpkin beer on the shelves a few weeks ago.  It seems like it is earlier and earlier each year.  Is this going to be like Christmas decorations and music at department stores? Pretty soon they will start to add it to the shelves for July 4th 😛

P.S. If you see any really neat ones, grab them for me?



8 thoughts on “Thursday Survey 8/25/16

  1. I love fall.. And pumpkins.. And pumpkin spice.. And pumpkin beer.. More than most people. And even I feel like it’s still a little early! I like things in their own time. September would be early enough! Because unfortunately, by the time Thanksgiving comes (when I still want fall beer), there’s none left and they’ve moved on and it’s all stouts and winter lagers.


  2. I’m with Kelley for the most part. I am not as driven by desire for pumpkin flavoring especially in my beer… But I do feel that seasonal beers, in general, are better during the appropriate season. Novelty wears quickly for me so it’d be nice to drink a pumpkin beer while carving a pumpkin… Not while I’m at the beach.


  3. I’m not into the whole pumpkin spice stuff but think just another week or two and it would be totally fine. It gets the fall loves a little excited (even if they don’t admit it). I mean, fall does start in September!


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