Thursday Survey 9/1/16

This is another beer preference survey but I think it would be great info for when I am answering questions at the shop.

What would you recommend for a person that doesn’t really care for/know much about beer but they want to start drinking craft beer?

What is a good gateway beer? 😛



3 thoughts on “Thursday Survey 9/1/16

  1. I can think of a few but I’d say Grapefruit Sculpin. It is an IPA, which scares some beers noobs… But the hoppy bitterness is cut masterfully by the tart perfect infusion of the tart grapefruit. It’s an IPA converter… The kind of beer that will bring people a new perspective on what an IPA can be. Smooth, enjoyable, and hoppy… With a hint, still, of the dank and floral notes and the subtle, and delightful punch of a more sophisticated IPA.


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