Updating the Business Plan

I have been working hard on the business plan and I sent it over to the small business development center this week.  They gave me a call and we walked through it together. I think everything they pointed out or suggested was very helpful.  We talked through a few ideas and now I understand that I need to make it more of a presentation to prospective financial backers rather than just documentation of my plan.  I need to jazz it up in a few places and clean it up in others.  I need to gear it to a specific target rather than something for reference by the business owners. I had also left the percentages of ownership between Joel and I off the document. He teased me and asked if we were having an all out fight for ownership 😛 I know I need to have at least 51% ownership to take advantage of any  women owned business benefits but 51 and 49 are such ugly numbers. 😛 Why not 60 and 40 or 75 and 25 hehe Maybe Joel and I need to have a chat.

I’ll keep you posted as to how my meeting with the realtor goes today.



3 thoughts on “Updating the Business Plan

  1. Does the percentage really matter? AS long as you have more… 60 /40 sounds good… then you can get the women owner stuff but things still look good for Joel!

    You got this girl! Dress it up!

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