The Rest of Last Friday

Ok. So we leave the meeting with Kevin and head over to the Elm Hill Town Center Plaza, the one with Azteca. There were 3 places available in that plaza (which concerned me to begin with) and we went to look at two of them.

We get there and there is this really creepy looking guy just hanging out smoking a cigarette.  I thought “oh man, I really hope that is not the guy we are meeting”… It was totally the guy we were meeting. Mind you, he is just the maintenance man there to open the door for us but I think they should pick a different guy for the job. He didn’t make eye contact and shifted weight abnormally and kinda lurked in the corner while we looked around the places. If I was meeting him by myself and he led me into the 1st place that was super dumpy and water damaged with the windows all covered up I would think I was about to get killed.

Anyway, the first space was about 1800 square feet and I could imagine the layout of the shop pretty easily (once we got through all the cobwebs) but there was very minimal storage and the tiny bathroom was disgusting just like the rest of the space. I understand they don’t remodel until they have a new tenant lined up but I think if they just did some little things they might get a tenant more easily.

The second space was about 3000 square feet and was an old movie galaxy or something like that with super cheesy carpet and wallpaper boarder. Storage and bathroom was great but the space was too big.  I think it would just look empty and lack luster if I had 3000 square feet.

It was really nice to physically see how big the spaces were.  Gave me some confirmation of the size I desire.

After saying goodbye to the sketchball and cobwebs we headed over to the Savvy Wine Cellar on Genesee Street near Walmart.  WOW!!!! SO BEAUTIFUL!! For the first 10 minutes we didn’t even speak besides to say how gorgeous the shop is.  All of the displays were custom made out of beautiful light wood. They had a sampling counter in the back that was just lovely and the floor, ceiling and walls were all pristine. The labels for each wine were so uniform and crisp and clean and perfect. I just kept thinking how sad it is that they are leaving. After they caught on to the fact that we were looking at the space and not the wine they explained that they are retiring in December and showed us around the back space and bathroom and kitchen.  It was a lovely space. About the right size but the set up would have been real difficult for the 5 door walk in cooler to fit in there and the tap lines right next to it. It was also in a very tricky spot to get to. Trying to turn left out of the plaza is either a nightmare or you drive all the way down through McDonald’s and around the back of Dunkin and out to a side street to catch a light back onto Genesee. So… nope.

Once we finished up at the 3rd location Joel, Mark and I went to Dunkin (since it was on the way out anyway) to discuss our morning.  We were all on the same page.  Let’s run with T5! If they are gonna help us out that much it would be crazy not to! And T5 is eager for us as well! Kevin called Mark three times while we were looking at other places! He really wanted to portray how interested they are!

Super excited to hear what Mark thinks of the Letter of Intent!



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