Time to Get Moving

I reached back out to Anthony from One Stop Bottle Shop to see if he had the contact info for the person they bought their C license from a few years back.  He got back to me and said he would look into it. But He also gave me lots of more info on some of the past questions I had sent him (law school is apparently time consuming and hard… go figure haha).

A short while later I get another e-mail from him and get real excited thinking it is the C license contact…. it’s not… it is this:


Yep.  That is a place that plans on opening in Rochester this fall…. 😦

So I cried a little at my desk this morning…

Then I realized this is just another test.  I got this. I have already called my attorney to see if we can start the LLC process with a Letter of Intent instead of a lease agreement. I contacted Mark to see if we can get the exact address of the proposed T5 location since I know I need that for the LLC paperwork. I downloaded all of the trademark instruction for NY state (which of course require a legal name and address but I have them ready).

What I need to happen now

  • I need Rand (LLC lawyer) to get back to me!! We have been playing phone tag all day
  • Contact my personal investor to try and get some funds out soon to pay for the LLC and liquor license lawyers since I won’t be getting the bank financing soon enough
  • I need to open a business bank account
  • I need to find a C license and evaluate that options

Ok.  It’s go time!



3 thoughts on “Time to Get Moving

  1. I love you and I believe in you. We will make this happen and your passion and drive will be the reason that there will only be one true Which Craft and it’ll be our Bottle Shop. I’m ready for the fight and I’m ready for taking care of the scrapes and bruises… And I’ll always be ready to start over again especially because we’ll be at each other’s side.


  2. On snap. So do we think this other place already has an LLC in place for the name of the business, etc?? And does that mean there’s a potential to have to change your name? I’m sure this was a really challenging moment to see that. Hang in there!! Your hard work will pay off soon enough!


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