Thursday Survey 9/22/16

I have done a bit of planning and made some phone calls while here at my current job with Carrier. I live a cube life so people can basically hear everything you say at a normal voice level. I know I have said things about LLCs, liquor licenses, business plans and projected financial statements. I know the people around me can hear that. I do not know if my boss (in an office a few doors away) has heard any of this but the way corporate bull shit works I am sure she has, or someone has told her. So the question is:

When is the best time to tell my current job that I am working on my next job? 

I want to make sure I have everything set; financing, lease agreement, liquor license. And I also want to keep utilizing my down time here to plan the shop and not be scrutinized. But at the same time, I want to give them plenty of notice so I might be able to help train someone new (it takes about a month for someone new to be hired in this corporate bull shit 😛 ). And I don’t want to burn bridges because these are all possible customers!!



2 thoughts on “Thursday Survey 9/22/16

  1. If you think your boss has any wind of this and you think they might be upset… tell them now.
    Or wait until you think they know. Better to be up front and honest. If they like your work you should be clear. Also tell them it would be helpful to have at least a month to train the new person.
    Let them know as a Christmas present! hahaha

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  2. I think that without disclosing too many specifics, you could have a conversation to let him/her know that your seeking a career change. But to that point, state that you are bringing this up now so as to allow the company to plan for your replacement. Let them know that you’re willing to train someone and help in any way with the transition. If they sense that you also have their interests in mind, they’ll be more apt to be understanding and work with you.

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