LLC Lawyer

So I met with the LLC lawyer Wednesday evening because I wanted to get things rolling since I found out there was a place in Rochester with a very similar name.

He basically said that as long as our names are slightly different he believes the state board will grant me my LLC.  And since we are both starting up around the same time it would be very hard for either of us to go after the other for trying to use their established brand for our benefit. My lawyer said that once I get the LLC that should be enough to protect me from any of that. If we get really large and want to expand to a second shop or something then we should consider trademarking our name and logo but until then, just filing is enough protection. Also, the state database has been down for the past few days so I can not see if they have filed yet or not! It is killing me!

So to file:

  • I need to pay Rand a retainer of $3,500 :-O
  • I need to get this letter of intent finalized and over to Rand. I may have said this before but Rand would much prefer a lease agreement but he things he can make it work with a letter of intent.

Back to hounding Mark for the revised letter of intent 🙂



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