Thursday Survey 8/29/16

Here is a good one for you. As I meet with more and more people and all I see is dollar signs…. What are your thoughts on a Go Fund Me page? I know my husband doesn’t like asking for money but if people want to donate, why not?

Should I start a Go Fund Me page? 

P.S. let’s pretend I am not a day late 😛



7 thoughts on “Thursday Survey 8/29/16

  1. GoFundMe is an excellent source to seek assistance from. Despite how much financial help you need, very few of us are wealthy enough to afford everything we want. It gives people the option, and is completely voluntary. I say do it!

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  2. It’s not really that much different than the idea of a kickstarter for a business or idea, right? I don’t like the GoFundMe pages that are all like “help me raise money to get this tattoo!” and things like that, but why not give your friends and family the opportunity (if they so choose) to help you toward your dream. And, if there are people out there really interested in seeing this become a reality so they can enjoy your business, those kinds might throw a few bucks your way, too! Worth a shot!

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  3. I say go for it! Why wouldn’t someone want to support a local business if they have a few extra bucks?

    You can always do a special event for all that donated once you open too (or send coupons, etc.).

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  4. I am not a fan of this idea, personally. I believe that these “donations” are “loaded”. I feel those who decide to donate money to the cause may feel as though their donations give them some stake in the business and there can be some sense of “you couldn’t have done this without my help”. If that’s going to be the case, I’d much prefer that the help and donations people have to offer come in the form of purchases at the actual business and spreading word of their positive experience to increase customer base and repeat business.


    • Here is the follow up then. What if we do make it something more? What if we sweeten the pot. If you donate $25-$50 you get a free glass. If you donate $50-$100 you get your first growler fill for free and so on. Then we are still raising money and if they feel like cashing in on their contribution it is very clear what they get?


  5. I agree with DumSperoSperi… My first thought was that if people make a substantial donation to GoFundMe that they will use that when they come to the store as a “gimme” Hey I contributed! Can’t I get this six pack today for free?”
    It sounds good in theory but….
    Sorry I was a late return on the survey!


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