Happy Halloween!

Joel and I had our annual Halloween party this weekend.  Along with enjoying some great beers we also enjoyed some great costumes. One of the best ones of the night happened to be the one and only Which Craft Bottle Shop 🙂


So much love for this wonderful woman we call Meghan!!!!! ❤



Thursday Survey 10/27/16

I understand this may be a strange question since I am a CPA and all, but…

Does anyone have a tax accountant they could recommend for small businesses? 

I really hate taxes and I since I am going to be busy with all of the other aspects of the business it might be best to get a tax accountant that knows all about the ways I can save money.  For instance. I heard that the money I take out of my personal investment account can be considered a “loan” to the LLC and therefore I can get it paid back and with interest and considering it a loan means that I do not have to count it as personal income when receiving the payments. It is loan repayment and therefore not taxed at my income tax level :-O Tricky right? I need someone to specialize on all these tricks for me 🙂


All Wall Builders

Boy am I glad we met with another contractor and architect!! Joel and I met with All Wall Builders Wednesday morning and got a MUCH better vibe from them.  I think our project is tiny for them but they didn’t seem to let that bother them. They brainstormed with us and asked really good questions and had really good ideas. They are going to draft something up and get it to us asap.  Good thing is that we narrowed down where the bathroom is going to be and some other details that will help the contractors when they go to start the foundation of the building.

Can’t wait to see what they come up with!


Asset Purchase Agreement

I am now looking over the Asset Purchase Agreement from Gallo & Iacovangelo, LLP. It is for Which Craft Bottle Shop to purchase the c license for OODLES of money! The license right now is in “safe keeping” with the state and not in use so that will help us a little bit as far as less steps to take but I just got an e-mail from the state liquor authority representative that I am working with and it sounds like a TON of boxes to check to get this thing moving! And the seller wants a $5,000 deposit and signed asset agreement by Friday :-O

Fun fact: The name on the license right now is “Load N Go Beverage Corp Fiz Pop Shoppe”



We Have Been LLCed

Joel and I met with Rand Friday evening to get our LLC binder and sign a ton of paperwork 🙂 The binder is huge! It has our formal certificates, our operating agreement, or first annual members meeting notification and our seal!! The seal is so funny! We each got to sign and seal our certificates and he said that may be the last time we ever use the seal LOL



Now I have to file for our EIN number so that we can open a bank account and file our taxes when necessary.


Meeting with Rowlee Construction

I met with Taber Rowlee on 10/18/16 and I came away with a couple key points.

  • They can do anything we want – they said we could be super involved in every decision or not that involved at all. They can customize just about anything. They can give us price range options and itemized detailed invoices whenever we need to see our financial progress.
  • They are a small town operation – Dad founded the company and 2 sons now work there with him.  They are a medium sized company that can give us the attention we need.
  • We need to just pick a company and go with them – Taber said he asked around about me (which kind of annoyed me) and knows I have been talking to other contractors (uh yeah! I need to see what is out there) and he suggests that I just go with someone we trust and dive in (how the hell am I supposed to know who I trust if I have only met with one company?).  Asking each company for mock ups and quotes will cost a lot in relation to our budget (good point) and waste a lot of time (depending on your idea of waste). So that was a little off putting but I have to remind myself, we need to pick which company I think can best work with us since we are so inexperienced in this. We need to pick what company can do that reasonably and forget about how I didn’t care for his table manners. 😛

I did get to see some of their current projects.  Some drawings and blueprints and some samples of wood, stone, tile and flooring for maybe a Pathfinder bank.  It looked pretty cool.  Now we just have to decide if we want to meet with Ultimate (the ones doing the current construction) to see what sort of feel we get from them or just pick one based on their websites and referrals.


Thursday Survey 10/20/16

Please let me know if you would like to be added to our mailing list.

I would like to start comping the list now.  I will most likely not use this until we are close to open to let everyone know about events.

It was recomended to me by another owner to start the list soon so that we can slowly build it up and be ready by the time we want to open the doors. Mail Chimp was also recommended so here we go!

Click here to sign up! 



It’s official we have our LLC from the State of NY!!! 😀 😀 😀

We have to meet with Rand Friday to sign some paperwork to get our CIN number (the number that allows me to hire people in the future and open a bank account).  We are also meeting with him to go over the business’s operating agreement and lease.  I have gotten through about half of the lease but keep falling asleep while reading it 😛 I know Rand has reviewed the whole things and has a couple small items to change. I just sent it to Mark because I feel like it is very heavily protecting the landlord and there are a LOT of additional expenses besides the rent per foot and I just want to make sure we are not getting bamboozled… and yes I just used bamboozled.