Big Things LLC!

Got word from Rand yesterday that he has filed the LLC paperwork! :-O


Now it is in the hands of New York State and whatever lucky clerk gets our request!


3 thoughts on “Big Things LLC!

  1. And then you will be a lucky business owner!
    The clerk will love your presentation know that you will do a wonderful job running this business!


    • I wish I got to plead my case but unfortunately it is just a form filled out and they search their system for any other LLCs that might get confused with ours. It is up to them if they think the Which Craft Brews in Rochester is different enough that we won’t be confused for each other. Let’s hope they are feeling particularly clear when they go over it 😛


      • I scoured Google and found no reference to Which Craft Brews or any variation of that name in the Rochester area. Perhaps they were beaten to the punch, as they should have been since it is likely a rip off job anyway. I have faith in The Universe that all will be as it should for us.

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