Thursday Survey 10/6/16

So I am super excited to share with you the mock up of our space!!!


This was sent to me by Kevin earlier this week and I wanted to wait to share it with you on Thursday so I could make it part of the survey.

The next step here is to get an architect and contractor.

Does anyone have a architect or contractor connection?

Also, I think it is kinda cute how I drafted up a 100 by 20 foot space and this is 100 by 18.  I knew with only wanting about 2000 square feet I was going to end up with a hallway but we will certainly make it work.



6 thoughts on “Thursday Survey 10/6/16

  1. It is so exciting to dream about the possibilities of what we can do in this space. We should contact the people at the Savvy Wine Cellar and ask who did all their beautiful custom work. Imagine a long wooden, rough-cut wood countertop with the taps installed right in the wood and then beautiful wood shelving with crates like they had and a touch of polished metal with sex lighting to round it all out!

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