Thursday Survey 10/12/16

As of Friday I have to decide what I am doing for healthcare insurance for 2017 at work.  Since I will not longer have that in a few months…

What healthcare options should I pursue? 

Joel has some through his job but it isn’t very good and costs a ton! Does anyone else have suggestions?



4 thoughts on “Thursday Survey 10/12/16

  1. Be an old fart and get Medicaid! Hahaha
    I won’t be of much help. Do you know anyone who owns a business and what they use?
    Maybe ask your brewery people when you visit them?


  2. There’s a few options. The NYS Marketplace has potential tax credits and/or low cost insurance options depending upon your income criteria. A few friends who I know that are self-employed went through Allen Insurance Agency, Inc. Let me know if you’d like further info 🙂

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