Shop Design

Kevin (T5) sent me a message Friday to say they were pouring the floors in the next couple weeks and if we know what we want for the shop then they can take that into account and save time and money for all of us. So Joel and I sat down this weekend to talk about the set up of the shop.

Since it is a long and skinny space the only way the walk in cooler will fit and still allow the counter to be next to it is to be down the side of the space. And the rest is all shelves and decorations!

We are going to propose about 70 ft of store and 30 ft of storage. The storage will also include space for more shelving and pallets for inventory, our private bathroom, sink and possible stove since I will be eating lunch and dinner at the shop πŸ™‚

We planned to leave the ceilings exposed and industrial looking. Β Then we have two different thoughts to go with the industrial look:

Industrial with Antique wood and brushed metal accents.


Industrial with fresh / raw wood and stone accents.

I am hoping to meet with Rowlee Construction this week and I hope they can mock something up for us so we can see it. If I get anything from the meeting I will be sure to post πŸ™‚



9 thoughts on “Shop Design

  1. Not sure what type of floor they did at Empire Brewing but that was pretty cool (poured floor with metallic swirl) and then you could decide which direction to go wth the other things based on cost and availability .


  2. wow! It is really happening! Sounds like you need to make some serious decisions! Have you measured your stuff out anywhere to get an idea of what it will look like? As you said to do the walk in cooler it’s gonna take lots of space… will it leave enough for customers? Maybe mark it out at Nina’s old studio? πŸ™‚


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