Meeting with Rowlee Construction

I met with Taber Rowlee on 10/18/16 and I came away with a couple key points.

  • They can do anything we want – they said we could be super involved in every decision or not that involved at all. They can customize just about anything. They can give us price range options and itemized detailed invoices whenever we need to see our financial progress.
  • They are a small town operation – Dad founded the company and 2 sons now work there with him.  They are a medium sized company that can give us the attention we need.
  • We need to just pick a company and go with them – Taber said he asked around about me (which kind of annoyed me) and knows I have been talking to other contractors (uh yeah! I need to see what is out there) and he suggests that I just go with someone we trust and dive in (how the hell am I supposed to know who I trust if I have only met with one company?).  Asking each company for mock ups and quotes will cost a lot in relation to our budget (good point) and waste a lot of time (depending on your idea of waste). So that was a little off putting but I have to remind myself, we need to pick which company I think can best work with us since we are so inexperienced in this. We need to pick what company can do that reasonably and forget about how I didn’t care for his table manners. 😛

I did get to see some of their current projects.  Some drawings and blueprints and some samples of wood, stone, tile and flooring for maybe a Pathfinder bank.  It looked pretty cool.  Now we just have to decide if we want to meet with Ultimate (the ones doing the current construction) to see what sort of feel we get from them or just pick one based on their websites and referrals.



3 thoughts on “Meeting with Rowlee Construction

  1. I’d go with referrals over portfolio. Although that’s equally important, you need to know that their customer service and dedication matches their expertise in construction. Although, some doctors are assholes but great at their job. I’d say, weigh all your options. Give the current company a chance and see if theyre business savvy and personable. You don’t need a company bossing you around. This is your business and they should be honored that you chose them and willing to do whatever it takes to make you happy.

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  2. I agree with the above comment. That sounds pushy and rude. You’re going to be working with them quite a bit over the better part of the next 6 months and you want to feel like you can call them or make suggestions or have a conversation without feeling like they’re talking down to you (that’s how I’m reading this anyway.. I’m reading it like they were being condescending toward you. Maybe I’m misreading!) How they treat you isn’t everything when it comes to this kind of project, but it certainly matters!! You look all you want. This is a big deal. Don’t let them push you into making a quick decision if you want to check out your options. It’s your business and your right to choose the best option! 🙂


  3. Rowlee should definitely know you are looking at other companies… that is good business on your part… weighing your options. You may end up going with Rowlee but at least look at a couple others, if you can… and as Kelley said get references that you can look at what Rowlee did and talk to that customer.


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