All Wall Builders

Boy am I glad we met with another contractor and architect!! Joel and I met with All Wall Builders Wednesday morning and got a MUCH better vibe from them.  I think our project is tiny for them but they didn’t seem to let that bother them. They brainstormed with us and asked really good questions and had really good ideas. They are going to draft something up and get it to us asap.  Good thing is that we narrowed down where the bathroom is going to be and some other details that will help the contractors when they go to start the foundation of the building.

Can’t wait to see what they come up with!



4 thoughts on “All Wall Builders

  1. I did not meet Tabor Rowlee, but this meeting was heads and shoulders above that one based on your description alone. I left feeling encouraged and important. It was nice meeting not just Rich from All Walls, but hearing from a very seasoned architect, Paul, who can still get excited about a little shop like ours is really cool and refreshing to see.

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