Thanksgiving Research

In case you do not follow us on Instagram or FB, here is what we were up to over the thanksgiving break.


And it could have been a lot worse! Here are all the options we had!






Cheers to the South!!!


Be Careful Who You Get Financing From

If you ever find yourself in the positions we are in (needing financing for a small business start up) keep in mind the bank you choose to get your money from will require you to have your business bank account with them… even if they are physically located in the most inconvenient place. They will also casually slip in there that you need to use their credit card services to process your sales on credit (This one is still up for discussion). 

On a positive note: Community Bank has all my paperwork together and approved on their side. They are submitting it to the Small Business Association for their approval. 


SLA Frustrations

We have an SLA (State Liquor Authority) consultant that I have been working with to get the C licence transferred from the seller to us. So far it has be very frustrating. I have been told over and over how this process can take 8 to 10 weeks and we really need to be on top of our tp-do lists and all the forms but then I started getting multiple requests for the same stuff. I feel like I have told her 3 times that we don’t have a building to take pictures of unless construction pictures count and she is still asking me to set up an appointment with their local guy to let him into our building for pictures. I have sent her our passport pictures and license pictures 3 times and she is asking for proof of financing still when I have told her nothing is signed yet.  It makes me very worried. I know I can’t do this without her but my confidence in her keeping us on track keeps dwindling. I got 4 emails from her lastnight with repeat requests and then “oh wait, I have that” emails. She said it has been a hell of a week so maybe she was working on a big project and now she can focus on us and get it all together. 


Thursday Survey 11/17/16

Since Joel and I are still on the road and haven’t slept yet, I’m still counting this as Thursday . 😉

Does anyone know where we can get a used walk in cooler with 5 display doors (like at a gas station)? 

I saw one on craigslist a couple months back and should have jumped on it! Dang it!


Our Main Focus Right Now

We are headed on our annual Thanksgiving road trip the end of this week so I have put some pressure on myself to button up some things before we go.  Here is what I want to get done

  • I want to have a Bank picked out and the process of financing (the hard credit reports pulled, applying to the small business association for backing and whatnot) started so we can get that ball rolling since we only have 30 days from the date of signing the Asset Purchase Agreement
  • Get this website started.  I  have the sites in my control now. I just need to know what to do next. I think I need to make some phone calls and see how much it might cost for some help.
  • Make sure the contractor, architect, developer and I are all on the same page.

Seems doable right? :-O


People Reaching Out

As you may have seen we had a little blurb on last week and got close to 1400 views on our Facebook page! Since then we have had a few awesome e-mails that just makes me so excited!

  1. The owner of Empire Brewfest and Syracuse Winter Brewfest reached out to us to let us know that he has a distribution list of thousands of beer lovers that he would love to share our shop with! He mentioned that we could sell tickets in our shop for the festivals and he could share our grand opening or any other progress we want to share with the Syracuse beer community!
  2. A representative from 93Q, 95X and 105.9 the Rebel contacted us to ask how they can help at the radio stations to spread the word and brand our business name.  She wants to meet up and discuss options and I know it will probably be a sales pitch for us to advertise with them but it is still really exciting!

So many things happening!


Signed and Sent

The Asset Purchase Agreement has been signed and sent along with a $5,000 check!!!! :-O

In hindsight I should have probably signed and sent 2 copies. One for them to keep and one for them to sign and send back to me. But I hope they are smart enough to sign a blank copy and send it to me.  I don’t need my notarized signature on my copy. Or I could do that after I get theirs back.

The way this lawyer has been, I better e-mail them and let them know what to expect.