We Have a Bit Of A Bottleneck

We have a lot going on right now and it almost feels like it’s bottle-necking

  • We met with the architect and contractor and are waiting for their drawings.  This also means we have to start thinking about the layout and the feel and the design more seriously so they can give us an accurate quote
  • We desperately need to apply for financing.  I have 3 applications started for NBT, Pathfinder and Community Banks but they require so much information to actually submit!  We need the balance on ALL of our personal accounts! That includes all of the HSAs and retirement fund opened with each job we have had.  Man oh man, we really need to consolidate.
  • We still haven’t signed the lease.  Hoping to do that this week.
  • We are expecting a revised copy of the purchase agreement this week as well. Originally they had requested it by Friday but I had some edits and need to hear back from them
  • I spoke with our SLA consultant this weekend and she said the transfer of the C license will take 8 to 10 weeks.

I am sure I am forgetting something on here 😛  but I think you get the point! Lots going on. Time to dive back in.



2 thoughts on “We Have a Bit Of A Bottleneck

  1. You really are spazzing! You didn’t finish your last sentence!
    Hang in there girl! Take the time to get the figures you need!
    Also, maybe get J away from that game! hahaha! Can he look up figures?
    Yep, consolidation is good, as long as they are not all the same kinds of eggs in the same basket!
    Feel better, things seem worse when you are sick!

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