People Reaching Out

As you may have seen we had a little blurb on last week and got close to 1400 views on our Facebook page! Since then we have had a few awesome e-mails that just makes me so excited!

  1. The owner of Empire Brewfest and Syracuse Winter Brewfest reached out to us to let us know that he has a distribution list of thousands of beer lovers that he would love to share our shop with! He mentioned that we could sell tickets in our shop for the festivals and he could share our grand opening or any other progress we want to share with the Syracuse beer community!
  2. A representative from 93Q, 95X and 105.9 the Rebel contacted us to ask how they can help at the radio stations to spread the word and brand our business name.  She wants to meet up and discuss options and I know it will probably be a sales pitch for us to advertise with them but it is still really exciting!

So many things happening!



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