SLA Frustrations

We have an SLA (State Liquor Authority) consultant that I have been working with to get the C licence transferred from the seller to us. So far it has be very frustrating. I have been told over and over how this process can take 8 to 10 weeks and we really need to be on top of our tp-do lists and all the forms but then I started getting multiple requests for the same stuff. I feel like I have told her 3 times that we don’t have a building to take pictures of unless construction pictures count and she is still asking me to set up an appointment with their local guy to let him into our building for pictures. I have sent her our passport pictures and license pictures 3 times and she is asking for proof of financing still when I have told her nothing is signed yet.  It makes me very worried. I know I can’t do this without her but my confidence in her keeping us on track keeps dwindling. I got 4 emails from her lastnight with repeat requests and then “oh wait, I have that” emails. She said it has been a hell of a week so maybe she was working on a big project and now she can focus on us and get it all together. 



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