Thursday Survey 12/1/16

Here is an interesting one for ya:

What to do when I am the only one working the shop and have to use the bathroom out back?

I mean working 12 hour days… it’s bound to happen… but do I lock the door and say be back in a minute? Do I set a sign by the register that says “ran out back for some more inventory” or something like that? Or do I just do nothing and leave them wondering if they have time to steal anything before I get back?

Not the most crucial survey but still something I think about ;-D



4 thoughts on “Thursday Survey 12/1/16

  1. Good question! I wonder if leaving a sign almost “invites” people moreso to steal or whatever because they know for a fact someone is away and busy at the current moment, vs. not having anything up at all means someone is bound to walk back through the door any moment. I feel like having a sign that says “back in 5” and locking the door out front is probably your safest option if you’re worried. It might be one of those things you experiment with as you go until you find the right fit!


  2. You’ll need a “Ring bell for serve”. I wouldn’t post a sign . You’ll want a bell at your door so you have an idea if a customer walks in and your in the back. I still think you should have a public restroom so you can hear things when you in there plus customers won’t have to leave if they need to use the bathroom. This will also give you wiggle room if you decide to change your business model after a few years and having to possibly install a public restroom after the fact. Yes it will suck if you have to poo . I get it.

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