Thursday Survey 12/8/16

We are looking into many different pieces of technology for the shop (which I wish we had narrowed down before black Friday).  We were thinking of having a small tablet available for the customer to use while shopping.  It will have Beer Advocate on there and Untapped so people can look up descriptions and ratings of the beers on the shelf.

Recommendations for a relatively inexpensive tablet for the customer to use? 

Have to keep in mind that it may be broken so I don’t want anything too pricey to replace.



11 thoughts on “Thursday Survey 12/8/16

  1. I’ve actually only ever seen iPads. Don’t know why. But from TCI,to Canada to the Brewerton Diner to excursion companies; they all use iPads . You could have them installed/mounted on a stand or something so its not something they walk around with.


  2. We are going to need Internet at the shop so we will likely need a business account with Verizon or whatever company we decide to use for ISP. I’d like to look into that Square thing a little more. Seems super easy to use for credit card transactions. I like what Crystal is saying about mounting one. I like those swivel mounts.


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