Confusion With the Feds

I got a call from the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB). A young woman named Angel informed me that all of the crazy (and extremely odd) forms I filled out on their website are unnecessary.   As we have paid a couple thousand dollars to a consultant to help with the liquor laws and regulations this made me very upset. Angel explained that if I was not a wholesaler than I did not need to apply for whatever I was applying for. If I was just retail than I didn’t need to file anything.

After fuming for a little while (almost a day) I sent a candid message to our consultant.  Her standard type of response followed – about 3 to 4 emails responding to the same questions all disjointed and passionate. It was almost as if we were texting.  CAPS were used everywhere and poor grammar. She is adamant that we need this and previously she had told me she just completed the same process earlier this year for the same type of shop. I believe her but I do not know how to sort that out with the TTB.  Our consultant has left a voicemail for Angel and I hope it all gets sorted out real soon.



4 thoughts on “Confusion With the Feds

  1. Good job connecting them. Is there a way to conference call and get all the important players talking together so they can be very specific with us about what is, or is not required to move forward? Additionally, filling out all those forms may not be a waste and the bright side is… They’re done if we ever need them. You’re doing an amazing job with all of this.


  2. Is there a way to contact TTB and ask for a different person than Angel and ask the same questions or get the same information the Angel gave you to see if she is correct?
    Or maybe she is just your “angel” in disguise and you don’t need the other person. 🐸😁


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