I met with a rep from iHeartRadio (locally that is 94x, B104.7, hot107.9 and some other AMs) yesterday at the good ol’ B-Ville Dinner to discuss some marketing opportunities with them.  They saw our “Coming Soon” article on Syracuse.com and reached out to us.

It was a very nice meeting. Mostly I just talked about what our shop will be like, our target market, target customers and how we plan on reaching them. He more gauging what we have done already and what we plan to do.  We are going to meet after the holidays (At Blarney Stone) for him to present some ideas on how they could “help” us with marketing.  All for a fee of course.

One of the examples he gave me was a quarterly auction where I donate $1,500 in product or gift cards, they auction them off and keep the proceeds but give us a $3,000 credit towards advertising.  We will see. 🙂



Blood and Urine

We are in the process of getting life insurance to satisfy the requirements from the Small Business Association (SBA) for financing. Saturday a nice lady named Jen will be coming to our house to take blood and urine samples. Should be a fun time 😛

Community bank has approved us for financing conditional on the SBA approval and they have to wait to approve until we have life insurance listing the bank as the beneficiary (if we die and still owe them money). Kinda sad but at least we trust the guy we are getting it from (thanks John). And as the loan gets paid off the beneficiary will be each other.


Thursday Survey 12/1/16

Here is an interesting one for ya:

What to do when I am the only one working the shop and have to use the bathroom out back?

I mean working 12 hour days… it’s bound to happen… but do I lock the door and say be back in a minute? Do I set a sign by the register that says “ran out back for some more inventory” or something like that? Or do I just do nothing and leave them wondering if they have time to steal anything before I get back?

Not the most crucial survey but still something I think about ;-D