Build Out Buddies

We have worked with All Wall now for a few months and have really built up (pun intended) a relationship with them (in this case I am lumping the contractor and architect in one).  We sent them those ideas a bit ago and then some ideas about the cooler and sinks and such and haven’t received anything back.  Then I remembered that I needed to change my mode of communication. I need to call All Wall if I need a response.  Calling is how he works and that is perfectly fine, I just need to remember that. We called him to touch base on our ideas and found out, surprise surprise, that all of our ideas were probably the more expensive ideas. HAHA.  But after the conversations we have had in person and the most recent one over the phone we are confident that they understand the feel we are going for and will be able to find alternatives in all different price ranges.

We expressed to them that we are worried about our upcoming trip to Vietnam and the fact that we will have limited access to communication for 2 weeks and we really do not want it to slow down our process! They assured us that things will keep moving.  Any small choices will be made on our behalf and typically the small choices can be changed later if we want. Any large choices they will try to communicate with us while we are away in any format we can and if that doesn’t work they will have to wait for us to get back to them.

So we are very confident in their ability to build us the shop of our dreams but we are still a little worried (I am very worried) about our timeline.



Thursday Survey 1/26/17

This week’s big news was the first draft of our website went live!! Over 1,500 people saw our post about it on Facebook!!!! That is more people than when had an article about us! It makes us so excited!  We see that people are listening. People care. People are watching us (in a non creepy way).  Since so many people got to see the site we were hoping for some feedback.

What did you think of our website?  Is there anything you would like us to add or change? 

We are limited by the fact that I used google sites instead of another site that may have more options but we would still love to hear the constructive criticism and make any updates we can.


Deficiency Letter

Just before leaving work yesterday we got an e-mail from the State Liquor Authority with a deficiency letter attached. It explains anything on our application that needs to be changed. IT TOOK THEM 4 WEEKS TO JUST GIVE US THAT? Holy moly this is exhausting.

The two main items were:

  1. We didn’t do our math right – I don’t know who to blame here but that is pretty embarrassing haha.
  2. They want an updated draft of our store layout. Since we just got the drawings from the architect we can provide that.  We just have to be sure we do it in the approved way….

Then at the bottom there was a laundry list of items that will be requested prior to issuance of any approved license as a condition of approval.  Some of these made sense. They wanted to see that the previous owner has surrendered ownership to us. They want to see our lease agreement (which I swear we sent them). Then there are some that really confuse me and infuriate me.  They are requesting an Executed Asset Purchase Agreement and Executed Loan Agreement from Community Bank but last time I checked with the bank I can’t get the loan until I have a license number and I can’t purchase the license until I have the money and a license number so how will that work.   Next they also want to see pictures showing the premise is ready to open and operate.  HOW CAN WE BE READY TO OPEN AND OPERATE WITHOUT A LICENSE?!?!? We need a license number for our distributors before they will even sell us beer.  How can we be ready to open without beer?!?!?!?!

Oh my goodness. Baby steps… baby steps… just gotta keep plugging along 🙂


Tastings at the Shop

When we met with the owners of the Brasserie we talked about having local tastings at our shops.  I looked into it with our NYS liquor consultant and it turns out we can!! Who would have thought that we can actually do something we want to do in New York when it relates to beer!?!?!?!


We have to get a permit of course 😛

So I have the permit application all ready to submit, I just need our liquor license number… so do all of the distributors…. just waiting on the state… and waiting…. and waiting…


Business Cards

Since we finally got the website up and running I can share with you a pic of the business cards!!! I love them and really wanted to pass them out like candy to everyone over the past week but I needed at least some sort of website since it’s on there.

Now, who wants some candy?!?!?


Website Woes

I have been working on the website all weekend.  I now have a full one on Weebly that I haven’t paid for so it is not live.  I tried again on WordPress but it was BEYOND user unfriendly when I finally got to a point where I could mess around with something.  Then I closed the tab and tried to go back to what I saved and poof…. gone!!! I have used go daddy’s chat help twice and googles chat help about 6 times so far.  This is way harder than I anticipated.

Anyway.  I have a rough cut website started. Google 🙂

It’s a Start and it works so I will consider that a win!


Some of Our Design Ideas

Joel and I made some design decisions last night.  It was really exciting once we got rolling.  We are working with the tree idea (much like our logo) and running with it.  So the ceiling will be painted an earthy green like leaves ( Much like Behr’s Gleeful Green if you want to get specific [cough* cough* Meghan cough* cough*]) and the walls will be painted brown like a trunk (Behr’s grizzly) and the concrete will hopefully have a green/brown semi color gloss on it like the dirt and grass. 🙂

For shelves we are looking at some with exposed metal supports and wood shelves much like below:


And for our counter we were thinking of doing the exterior in wood (to tie in the shelves) then the top in concrete (a different color than the floor though).  On top of the counter we will have our tap tower which will tie back in the metal from the shelves. Kinda like below but with a silver tap tower on top.


Keep in mind these could all change before opening HAHA but I wanted to share with you the ideas rolling around in our brains right now 🙂


Morning Meeting

We had a big morning meeting today with our architect, contractor, TJ Sheehan distribution and a rep for setting up tap lines.  There was a whole crew!!!

There were lots of design questions and I feel like my head is still spinning.  We did refocus and come up with a very long homework list. It’s intimidating  but I feel a little more at ease now that we have a a better idea of the priority of all these items.

First up: COOLER!!! We need to find a cooler and we need to find one now.  All Wall is trying to work with Gerharz to get some sort of deal for us.  They have talked about getting some used parts and whatnot.  Not sure if you know this but coolers of this size are all really just panels that they put together in the shop so we can get some panels that are used, some that are new and then put some sort of “case” on the cooler to make it all look uniform.

Next: COLORS!! We need to decide on colors of the ceiling, walls and floor.  Oh and what kind of floors and where.  We are thinking stained concrete for the shop (to stay with the industrial feel) and then the only thing out back that will have different flooring would be the bathroom with vinyl since that is easier to clean.

Then: FIXTURES!! What do we want our tap to look like? What lighting for the whole shop and what accent lighting for the counter area.

I am composing an e-mail to the architect right now and I will fill you in with the ideas when we narrow them down!!