Thursday Survey – 1/5/17

We need to order a large sign for the front of our building.  So this week’s survey is sort of a two parter:

What signs have you seen that stick out to you?

You know, signs that are unique and interesting or maybe made out of some strange materials.  Keep an eye out for us!

Does anyone recommend a good place to get signs made? 

Either a decal for the glass window at the front of the store/ the door or for the brick portion of our building up above our storefront.



7 thoughts on “Thursday Survey – 1/5/17

  1. can you put something on the brick/stucco of the store? Can it only be on your windows?
    What is the wine place doing?
    Get someone to do your logo on the windows… you definitely need that! I can’t help from here, but maybe some of your cohorts can ask at their favorite stores who did their window work?


  2. I have been picturing a metal cut out that would match our industrial half of our wood and industrial motif. Like a circular piece of metal with the logo as the cut out…. Does that make sense? Die cut? Die cast? Something like that. Whatever it’s called… That’s what I’ve been trying to convey when we’ve talked about this previously.


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