POS’s are POS’s

(see what I did there?)

I was just discussing our woes with a friend over the Point of Sale (POS) system debacle and thought “I should really blog about this”

Joel and I spent some time last night looking for POS systems. It seems so many of them are targeted towards Apple products. We did, however, look for some other Android based systems.  My main arguments against a POS that is Apple based are that we are learning SO many new things right now trying to open this shop and we are not apple users so that would just be one more system to learn. (not a very strong argument, I understand) and would that complicate things with a shop laptop that is not Apple?  Whatever the case, we did find one called Clover that seems to be a quality product for android system in a retail setting. I was momentarily relieved that we had a system to investigate and take the next step… then I found out that is a system offered by Bank of America and reopened the wound of our financing situation.

I want our financing bank to be Bank of America (BOA) since it is just a few minutes from T5 and we already have a business account there.  Instead I chose Community Bank because their rates were better and they responded quickly. After the process was well underway I learned that Community Bank is only in Dewitt and downtown Syracuse. Neither of these locations are convenient to a shop in Camillus and a home in Baldwinsville (at least compared to one on Genesee street in Camillus). With having cash sales, we will most likely have to go to the bank on a daily basis. Since the shop will be open 12 hours a day to start I will have maybe 3 hours of “me time” in the morning and I really don’t want to spend 40 minutes of that driving to drop off the cash from the night before when I could be doing something else (waaaaaa waaaa waaaa, I know).

So here is my plan:

Contact Community Bank about their POS – maybe it is awesome and we will just go with it and be happy!! Then in 5 years, after our loan is paid back off we can consider changing banks and POS systems. If not, then I plan to tell them that we already have an account with BOA and see what else they can offer me.  I could always keep an account at BOA for cash deposits and have the mandatory account at Community Bank for them to deposit our financing, process our credit card payments and for us to make our monthly payments from.

But here is the idea dancing around in the back of my head: 

Should I call BOA and see how quickly they can process a SBA loan? Call our broker and tell him to change the beneficiary on the life insurance to BOA and just say F it to Community Bank?

Man oh man! Who would have thought a POS system could be such a big decision.

OH! And this decision is holding up our purchase of a shop laptop.  If the POS system uses a tablet then we can just get whatever laptop we want for other shop related stuff. If it works from a laptop/desktop than we need to make sure they are comparable!

So….. lots to think about and lots to decide on.




5 thoughts on “POS’s are POS’s

  1. Yeah, a question not asked can never be answered. There is no harm in putting questions out there. The worst thing that can happen is you don’t like the answer. The good news is we have a process in place and under way – so we have a fallback. Ask away and see if there is something better, faster, easier, whatever. If there isn’t, there isn’t… But at least you asked and did your due diligence.


  2. Seems like you already have your pos decision because at worst you could manage 2 bank accounts. And at Best, you could move all to BoA. Give them a call and the CB discussion will sort itself out.


  3. Another thought is… have an account at BoA and CB, make your deposits at BoA, write a check for the amount to deposit in CB, take a picture with that banking app and vualah your transfer is made!
    I really like the above comments!


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