Thursday Survey 1/12/17


Is there a way to make a website for free once the domain is purchased? 

I tried using wordpress but it wanted to charge me $100 for linking the wordpress site to the domain. THE DOMAIN IS BETTER! Why would I want to pay $100 to send people who type in to!?!

Then I tried on Weebly and they want the same thing!  At least Weebly lets me mess around with the site and see what it has to offer before they ask for $100.  Wordpress doesn’t even let me see what they can do for me before asking for money!

After both of those I tried to make a google domain. That actually went well but now I don’t know how to connect the Google domain with the domain that we own haha.

I have figured out I like website design…. but only the design part! NOT the tech part.



7 thoughts on “Thursday Survey 1/12/17

  1. Ask Trev what he used for my mom’s website! I can’t remember.. but it didn’t send you to a page with their business name in the website link or anything, and he said it’s REALLY simple to use.


  2. I thought you did this before? and Crystal and some others gave you people to work with?
    Are there programs out there you can purchase to design? If you have domain name you should be able to do your own thing? We had a design program when I was at the Yarn Shop that I edited and changed and then uploaded to the site.


    • The way I am understanding it is I go to these sites (Wix, Weebly, WordPress) and create a website for free. I can have that free website if their name is involved in the web address. If I want people who type in “” to be sent to this site I have to pay for it.
      Otherwise, I am not figuring out how to just go to and design the site. I don’t think it works like that.
      Maybe I could purchase a software that lets me design it but I have no idea to then get that design onto the domain.


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