Second Guessing the C License

We are in contract for buying a C license once New York State Liquor Authority approves us to have it. As you may know this is very expensive and we can not serve beer for on site consumption. Part of me second guesses this choice. I want to be able to pour a beer for a customer to walk around with while they shop and it wouldn’t be that hard to offer a meat and cheese platter to satisfy our food requirement.  And I love cheese so that part could even be fun for me…. and it would be a lot cheaper…. But then we would have the whole food and safety requirements and we would have to talk it over with our landlord /  review our lease to see if we can even  serve food.

I am over thinking it, I am sure… but I can’t stop thinking about it.




3 thoughts on “Second Guessing the C License

  1. If you can’t stop thinking about it and it is taking this long maybe it is God’s way of saying stop! Check out other options… can you get out of the contract? As I said before it sounded fishy in the first place… is God giving you all kinds of reasons to back out? You know God has been in this the whole way! What does your gut say? How many times have you questioned this? Get an email out to the landlord today and see what he says? See what kinds of things you need to do and satisfy the food thing…
    All the things that have happened I have felt good about (scared for you sometimes)… except this C license, how about you?


    • Really? I thought all the C license felt right. And I still do I think. I just think I have too much time to think about it. The STATE takes forever for liquor licenses and that’s just a fact. Doesn’t matter which one you get. So no matter what I would be sitting here waiting and second guessing.
      I’m just worrying. That’s all. I think it is normal to worry.

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