Morning Meeting

We had a big morning meeting today with our architect, contractor, TJ Sheehan distribution and a rep for setting up tap lines.  There was a whole crew!!!

There were lots of design questions and I feel like my head is still spinning.  We did refocus and come up with a very long homework list. It’s intimidating  but I feel a little more at ease now that we have a a better idea of the priority of all these items.

First up: COOLER!!! We need to find a cooler and we need to find one now.  All Wall is trying to work with Gerharz to get some sort of deal for us.  They have talked about getting some used parts and whatnot.  Not sure if you know this but coolers of this size are all really just panels that they put together in the shop so we can get some panels that are used, some that are new and then put some sort of “case” on the cooler to make it all look uniform.

Next: COLORS!! We need to decide on colors of the ceiling, walls and floor.  Oh and what kind of floors and where.  We are thinking stained concrete for the shop (to stay with the industrial feel) and then the only thing out back that will have different flooring would be the bathroom with vinyl since that is easier to clean.

Then: FIXTURES!! What do we want our tap to look like? What lighting for the whole shop and what accent lighting for the counter area.

I am composing an e-mail to the architect right now and I will fill you in with the ideas when we narrow them down!!



2 thoughts on “Morning Meeting

  1. wow! that is exciting! Gonna be hard to focus at work for awhile. Better keep a pencil adn paper handy for making lists of things rolling around in your head!!

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