Some of Our Design Ideas

Joel and I made some design decisions last night.  It was really exciting once we got rolling.  We are working with the tree idea (much like our logo) and running with it.  So the ceiling will be painted an earthy green like leaves ( Much like Behr’s Gleeful Green if you want to get specific [cough* cough* Meghan cough* cough*]) and the walls will be painted brown like a trunk (Behr’s grizzly) and the concrete will hopefully have a green/brown semi color gloss on it like the dirt and grass. 🙂

For shelves we are looking at some with exposed metal supports and wood shelves much like below:


And for our counter we were thinking of doing the exterior in wood (to tie in the shelves) then the top in concrete (a different color than the floor though).  On top of the counter we will have our tap tower which will tie back in the metal from the shelves. Kinda like below but with a silver tap tower on top.


Keep in mind these could all change before opening HAHA but I wanted to share with you the ideas rolling around in our brains right now 🙂



5 thoughts on “Some of Our Design Ideas

  1. If you are serious (at the moment) about the counter… the one in the picture looks “heavy”, “big” … looks like it takes up a lot of space… it may not, but that is the feeling I get when I look at it. The shelves look grand… I love the color scheme! Maybe you get some lighting that you could change with the season and make the walls orange at halloween, red/green at Christmas, yellowish at Thanksgiving! haha!
    I am sooo sad that I am not there to experience all this in person!

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