Website Woes

I have been working on the website all weekend.  I now have a full one on Weebly that I haven’t paid for so it is not live.  I tried again on WordPress but it was BEYOND user unfriendly when I finally got to a point where I could mess around with something.  Then I closed the tab and tried to go back to what I saved and poof…. gone!!! I have used go daddy’s chat help twice and googles chat help about 6 times so far.  This is way harder than I anticipated.

Anyway.  I have a rough cut website started. Google 🙂

It’s a Start and it works so I will consider that a win!



2 thoughts on “Website Woes

    • I created on google sites and went live. It really wasn’t the creating on google sites that was the hard part it was getting google sites and google domain to talk to each other. And this is AFTER I spent days transferring the domains from Go Daddy to Google domain to find out I transferred to the wrong google account. I transferred to my personal account instead of the shop! That was messing it all up too since I would be logged on with one name on domains and the other on sites and then I would refresh and things would disappear and I couldn’t figure out why.


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