Deficiency Letter

Just before leaving work yesterday we got an e-mail from the State Liquor Authority with a deficiency letter attached. It explains anything on our application that needs to be changed. IT TOOK THEM 4 WEEKS TO JUST GIVE US THAT? Holy moly this is exhausting.

The two main items were:

  1. We didn’t do our math right – I don’t know who to blame here but that is pretty embarrassing haha.
  2. They want an updated draft of our store layout. Since we just got the drawings from the architect we can provide that.  We just have to be sure we do it in the approved way….

Then at the bottom there was a laundry list of items that will be requested prior to issuance of any approved license as a condition of approval.  Some of these made sense. They wanted to see that the previous owner has surrendered ownership to us. They want to see our lease agreement (which I swear we sent them). Then there are some that really confuse me and infuriate me.  They are requesting an Executed Asset Purchase Agreement and Executed Loan Agreement from Community Bank but last time I checked with the bank I can’t get the loan until I have a license number and I can’t purchase the license until I have the money and a license number so how will that work.   Next they also want to see pictures showing the premise is ready to open and operate.  HOW CAN WE BE READY TO OPEN AND OPERATE WITHOUT A LICENSE?!?!? We need a license number for our distributors before they will even sell us beer.  How can we be ready to open without beer?!?!?!?!

Oh my goodness. Baby steps… baby steps… just gotta keep plugging along 🙂



2 thoughts on “Deficiency Letter

  1. First thing I would do is call the bank and tell them your predicament and ask them how long before the loan is approved. Then tomorrow think of another reason to call the bank and ask another question about the loan, then on Friday call again and ask anything and start getting frustrated… apologize first for being upset but start getting in their face!

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    • I like your ideas. Right now we have to provide the bank with a specific document from our life insurance so I am working on getting that document today. I have notified the bank that we need the money and we need to pay our seller of the C license before I can get a license number so if they are waiting on that, it is not going to happen.

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