Thursday Survey 1/26/17

This week’s big news was the first draft of our website went live!! Over 1,500 people saw our post about it on Facebook!!!! That is more people than when had an article about us! It makes us so excited!  We see that people are listening. People care. People are watching us (in a non creepy way).  Since so many people got to see the site we were hoping for some feedback.

What did you think of our website?  Is there anything you would like us to add or change? 

We are limited by the fact that I used google sites instead of another site that may have more options but we would still love to hear the constructive criticism and make any updates we can.



3 thoughts on “Thursday Survey 1/26/17

  1. See previous reply. Can you adjust the % on the webpage? Like when you are working in a Word document?
    DO you have to stay with Google sites?


    • We do not have to stay with Google sites but the amount of agony I went through to get what we have, I am not sure I am ready to learn a whole new system. I will look into the % of the webpage. You can do that on your end too can’t you?


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