Build Out Buddies

We have worked with All Wall now for a few months and have really built up (pun intended) a relationship with them (in this case I am lumping the contractor and architect in one).  We sent them those ideas a bit ago and then some ideas about the cooler and sinks and such and haven’t received anything back.  Then I remembered that I needed to change my mode of communication. I need to call All Wall if I need a response.  Calling is how he works and that is perfectly fine, I just need to remember that. We called him to touch base on our ideas and found out, surprise surprise, that all of our ideas were probably the more expensive ideas. HAHA.  But after the conversations we have had in person and the most recent one over the phone we are confident that they understand the feel we are going for and will be able to find alternatives in all different price ranges.

We expressed to them that we are worried about our upcoming trip to Vietnam and the fact that we will have limited access to communication for 2 weeks and we really do not want it to slow down our process! They assured us that things will keep moving.  Any small choices will be made on our behalf and typically the small choices can be changed later if we want. Any large choices they will try to communicate with us while we are away in any format we can and if that doesn’t work they will have to wait for us to get back to them.

So we are very confident in their ability to build us the shop of our dreams but we are still a little worried (I am very worried) about our timeline.



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